Nd for Freedom of Cannabis Act



We are comprised of care

The North Dakota Cannabis Caucus,  is a group that has brought fourth the NDFCA, a coalition of three Political Action Committee’s:

Committee for Compassionate Care, Veterans for Safe Access to Cannabis and Real ND News. All with slight variations, seeking to allow access to cannabis in a safe and responsible way. We decided to team up, take action and finally take cannabis out of the failed “War on Drugs.” We wish to dismantle the unjust stigma of cannabis and restore it’s rightful place as a sustainable natural resource as well as a staple of health and well being.

We do not condone the use and or procurement of cannabis (unless a medical patient with a care provider) or any illicit substances. We are here to change the law not break the law.

To create a new section in the North Dakota Constitution
Section 26


Personal freedom

To allow you the freedom to consume or possess cannabis within the state, as well as the freedom to cultivate cannabis on private property. Your property and person are left to who should have the ultimate say: YOU!


Working government

The legislature will establish systems for research, cultivation, manufacturing, sale. regulation, and testing of cannabis. It’s their job to establish law properly and we hold them accountable to do so.


Power to the people

You won’t see shops popping up at random or without oversight. Public sales of cannabis will only be allowed by petition of the electors of a local political subdivision in the North Dakota general election. No local vote? No public sale. 


A new lease on life…

When I met who would, one day, become the rest of my life, I had no idea the life she’d lived or the toll it had taken. Manic depression brought on by trauma that would ultimately leave her with such severe anxiety that, without cannabis, would be completely unmanageable and her quality of life diminished beyond, what she believes, would be worth salvaging. The side effects of every single drug tried almost took her away from us on 3 different occasions. Though she can live in relative comfort, she still lives in a state of fear of being caught with the only thing that makes her life worth living. What about HER pursuit of happiness? – Anonymous

Whether it's your time, effort or donation, we appreciate it!