Power to the people, by the people!

Who We Are


We are comprised of care​

The North Dakota Cannabis Caucus,  is a group that has brought fourth the NDFCA, a coalition of three Political Action Committee’s:

Committee for Compassionate Care, Veterans for Safe Access to Cannabis and Real ND News. All with slight variations, seeking to allow access to cannabis in a safe and responsible way. We decided to team up, take action and finally take cannabis out of the failed “War on Drugs.” We wish to dismantle the unjust stigma of cannabis and restore it’s rightful place as a sustainable natural resource as well as a staple of health and well being.

Through community engagement and common beliefs, in terms of personal freedom, we refuse to stand idle as we are told we’re free while simultaneously stripped of live freely and comfortable in our own homes or on our own property.

We’re not free when the greatest danger we face from cannabis is being caught with it. 


Lively local

Hello, neighbor!

From the friendly citizen you pass on the street to your family, our movement is comprised of every walk of life our great state has to offer. You see us everywhere you go. And we’re So happy to be a part of the community!

While some may disagree with our points of view, we strive to be active, contributing members of society and continue to have as great of an impact as possible.



One of the staples of our movement is it’s composition of everyday people, like you! From executive to support services, we are the people, for the people!


From park cleanups to direct community service, we actively get involved with community efforts. Whether you agree with our points of view or not, we serve your community with the upmost care and respect.


Through our efforts, we aim to educate. You deserve truth and facts. The single most important thing we can offer you is the ability to make a truly informed and educated choice. We’re not here to tell you you’re wrong. We’re here to give you the information to decide what is right or wrong for yourself.

Help us grow!

Whether it's your time, effort or donation, we appreciate it!